Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long is the warranty on the Twist & Shape?

A: The standard warranty on the Twist & Shape is one year.

Q: Can I use the Twist & Shape if I have an existing medical condition?

A: We would recommend contacting your GP/Doctor to seek advice if you have any concerns about your fitness.

Q: Is there a weight limit on the Twist & Shape?

A: The maximum weight for a user of the Twist & Shape is 330lbs / 23st 6lbs / 150kg.

Q: How much does the Twist & Shape weigh?

A: Boxed Weight: 12.9 kg, Unboxed Weight: 10.8 kg

Q: What are the dimensions of the Twist & Shape? A: Boxed - L56 x W26 x H61cm, Unboxed - H119 x D57 x W47cm

Q. What batteries are required for the Twist & Shape?

A. 1 x AAA battery

Q: I've lost my manual. Is there an online version available?

A: Yes -